We build autonomous
agents for DeFi

Runloop builds simulation environments for DeFi and trains autonomous agents to provide liquidity, manage risk, and discover trading opportunities at scale.

DeFi Simulations

Realistic DeFi Simulations

In DeFi, everyone has equal access to the code and data behind financial transactions. Such an environment is uniquely suited for compute-driven control and exploration.

Runloop builds realistic simulation environments, not unlike you may find in physics, robotics, and autonomous vehicles, and uses them to train autonomous agents to spot opportunities automatically.


We are a fully-remote and globally distributed technology startup founded by seasoned engineers with experience in crypto, algorithmic trading, infrastructure and machine learning. We are backed by top-tier investors, and we’re looking to expand our team.

Cristian Strat

Previously at Coinbase,

Denny Britz

Previously at Google
Brain, HFT Firm

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